Connaissez-vous les 3 principales propriétés fonctionnelles protectrices des vêtements ignifugés ?

When it comes to personal protective clothing, the flame resistant coverall will appear in your head, which is one of the most widely used personal protective clothing, FR coveralls are designed to protect workers from flames and thermal injury.

La norme relative aux vêtements ignifuges comprend l'isolation thermique (coefficient de protection thermique), l'ignifugation (combustion négative, combustion continue, longueur du carbone) et l'absence de goutte de fonte (absence de fonte, absence de goutte de fonte), trois performances majeures en matière de protection de la sécurité. That means FR cloth won’t keep burning when the source of combustion is removed, won’t ignite easily, won’t transfer the heat, and won’t melt.

trois principales propriétés fonctionnelles protectrices
trois principales propriétés fonctionnelles protectrices

The following is a brief breakdown of the three major safety protection performances.

Thermal insulation safety protection performance

It can stop the heat transfer at the open flame or heat source, and separate the impact on the interior of the garment due to the open flame and heat source.

It is primarily used to prevent or relieve second-degree burns (scalds) on the skin caused by external heat.

Flame retardant safety and protection performance

FR Clothing showdown the propagation of fire and self-extinguishes once the source of the combustion is removed, this gives the wearer valuable escape time and helps to minimize injuries.

No melt drop safety protection performance

The burning part of the fabric can carbonize quickly without melting, dripping or piercing after burning.

The main purpose is to prevent secondary damage by the melt-free drip and carbonization properties.

Flame-resistant clothing is used in a large number of professions including the fire service, research labs, electrical utilities, and oil and gas. Workers in all of these areas often face the potential for explosions, open fires, and other thermal incidents, in which the workers need to wear them to protect themselves.

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Wendy Sun
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