BDP461 Tablier jetable en plastique transparent PE

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Matériau :

100% Polyethylene

Couleur :

White / Blue


145*85cm or based on request. (Tolerance: +/- 15%)




Spécification :

This unisex product is single-use and must be disposed of immediately after completion of a procedure or task. It is made from strong polythene, making it practical for effectively protecting clothes from liquid spills and splashes. It also features an integrated head hole and waistband to ensure a secure fit. Strong polyethylene construction, Unisex, one size fits all design.

Mode d'emploi :

Protects clothes from non-harmful particles and liquid spills/splashed. Ideal for frontline workers, care workers, nurses, social workers, etc.

Limits to use:

Single-use only, discard after a single-use. Material is no-linting and will not flare but will melt if exposed to open flame or high-temperature substance. Improper use or failure to heed warnings may result in serious injury or death. Do not use it after the expiry date.

Mode d'emploi :

To be stored in its original packing on ad dry place, sheltered from sunlight and humidity


GB/T 1040.3-2066

GB/T 1037-1988

QB/T 1130-1991

Tensile Strength: MD≧10 MPa, TD≧10 MPa

Elongation at break: MD≧200%, TD≧200%

Water vapor transmission rate:≤50 g/(㎡. 24h)


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